2014 1/2 Mile Tickle Run Results

Preschool Age
1st Boy - Elliot Schultz  / 1st Girl - Avery Hess
2nd Boy - Kade Farenbaugh / 2nd Girl Brianna Myhre
3rd Boy - Clint Schuette / 3rd Girl Unknown

1st Boy - Liam Schultz / 1st Girl - Rhiannon Davis
2nd Boy - Tyson McDonald / 2nd Girl - Lily Norton
3rd Boy - William Kirsch / 3rd Girl -Hallie Hunter 

1st & 2nd Grade
1st Boy - Eric Wendorf / 1st Girl - Olivia Stier
2nd Boy - Kaden Herman / 2nd Girl - Clara Keaveny
3rd Boy - William Kirsch / 3rd Girl - Addison Bryfcvynski

3rd & 4th Grade
1st Boy - Mason Behrens / 1st Girl - Emily Wendorf
2nd Boy - Tobey Johnson / 2nd Girl - Sami Lange
3rd Boy - Carter Dock / 3rd Girl - Bethany Langer

5th & 6th Grade
1st Boy - Max Shanklin / 1st Girl - Aubrey Mair
2nd Boy - Owen Amrhein / 2nd Girl Cassidy Hughes
3rd Boy - Camden Martin / 3rd Girl - Ashley Olson


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